Rice water for Fair Skin

Rice is a used as an edible grain world over, with a variety of cooking methods. However it is an awesome grain with wonderful abilities. The grain of rice has got natural ingredients that help result in a fairer, whiter and glowing skin. Soaking of rice lets the nutrients was off from the grain and hence it gets homogenized with water.

The apparent use and result of rice water results in fairer, good looking and lustrous skin. Boiling that water and making use of the steam from rice water nourishes skin. It is because may be after washing the rice grain some content of the nutrients in it get washed away with the water. Now the water contains all the good nutrients for a healthy looking skin.

Rice grain is rich in ferulic acid and allantoin. Ferulic acid is a wonderful anti-oxidant. It works as a sun protection agent. Also, Allantoin is an anti-inflammatory agent, that helps protect the skin from sun burns. Rice water helps in healing skin. When it's used on skin, these agents help to protect tyrosinase and helps in fairer skins.

You need to persistently use water from soaked rice in order to get clear result. This is one of the things sued by many of the Asian women living near or working in paddy fields. They are seen working for long hours in the harsh sun light and yet they have glowing beautiful skin.

Rice water will help whiten your skin and remove acne and pimples as well.

Steps to follow

Soak rice grains for the first time in water and let it remain in the same bowl and water. After about 10-20 minutes rinse off the water content into another bow and let drain it again in another bowl. The grain and dust particles; if any will settle at the bottom. Wash your face with rice water gently by splashing it against your face. Repeat the same for about six or seven times. Wash your face this way two to three times a day. Use it especially, in the morning and before going to bed at the night.

Drain away the rice water in sink and wash you face with cold water from tap for about 6-7 times. Pat dries your skin with a towel and moisturizes your skin as you usually do. Regularly using this method will result in a fairer skin; this will work best for mildly oily and normal skin. Rice water works best for whitening a combination both kinds of skin as well.

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